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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Okay here I go. We will just see how long this "blogging" thing will last. Many of you might be wondering why chicken head with cold feet. Well a chickenhead is someone who is the ultimate chicken. They mean well and have great ideas but never do them. Their feet are too cold to try it and take a risk. This could be as simple as getting a haircut. I am this person. I am a chickenhead with cold feet. I say "I am going to get my haircut this week" and never do it. I don't do it because I hate making the appointment, the phone call. It makes my insides shake. I haven't been to the hoochie doctor in forever because the appointment thing again and what the outcome might be. The crazy thing is I love change and adventure when it is done for me. Once I make that step I usually became addicted. I have to say those who know me as the ultimate chickenhead should be proud of the fact that when I said I was going to apply for Survivor, I actually did, even though it was super last minute. And even though it took me 3 years. But I did do it. I guess I should make those moves more often. Be daring. Are there other chickenheads out there? Or is it just me?

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