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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Colorful Day

Yesterday there was no school!! It really was a stupid move. It never really iced, just wet rain. Now we will have to pay that day back. But I did have a nice "me day" full of Dawson's Creek. The first season is soooo good. :) Reliving high school. hahahahaha I got my hair appointment moved up. Thank God. I ended up there for over 2 hours. Talk about ready to get out of there. I had all of these plans of shopping afterwards but all I wanted to do was high tail it out of there. I wanted more highlights than before and just a better cut. He left my highlights in for quite awhile and I just knew it was too long. My head was beginning to feel hot. When he started to dry my hair to see just what the color was, I was a blonde. My oh my. I actually kind of liked it but the rest of my hair was dark underneath. He didn't like it so he added more stuff to my hair. In the end my hair is lighter with streaks of reddish orangish. It looks good. Trent really liked it. But it had better look good because I really spent the money. The first time I did have many highlights added so the price was low. Not yesterday. I am also wondering if his prices went up. The place gives a scale for experience and certification. I wonder if his has been upped. Anyway, I look good and that is all that matters. The one problem I had was tipping. I hate tipping a hairdresser. I know that they only get a percentage from each cut, but still. I had to at least tip 10% so $15. AGH!!! I need to research the tipping etiquette for hairdressers. Any ideas?

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