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Saturday, June 26, 2004

The Beach

This past week has just been a wonderful time to let go and be free in more ways than just one. I have to say that my highlight of my beach trip with Grumps wasn't all of the time we spent together (which is rare for us lately), the do nothings (literally lying on the beach soaking up the sun with a book and a puzzle while watching my silly husband be a little boy in the waves), getting a very nice tan, being a movie star in appearance (okay, the term "movie star" was used by Grumps. I bought a Dixie Chick cowboy hat and I wore "fun" shirts that gave me maximum freedom teeheehee.), or talking about our future and God's amazing timing, it was bird droppings. Yes, that is correct, bird droppings. Grumps was playing in the water while I was entertaining myself with a book. All of a sudden I hear a plop and feel something really warm oozing down my leg. I turned and looked and there it was, green and white poop. I went to the water and washed it off with a laugh. I thought to myself that there was no way that would happen again. WRONG!!! 30 minutes later I was doing the same thing, except this time I was on my stomach when the same plop sound occurred with the same warm oozing feeling. Instead of green and white, it was yellow and white. There wasn't much of a laugh, except for Grumps'. I thought being pooped on by birds had the same principle as lightening. It never happens twice. WRONG!!! We still don't know why. Maybe it was my rainbow colored swimsuit that caught the two birds eyes. Yes, it had to be two different birds, since it was two different colors of poop.

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