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Sunday, June 13, 2004

On a Roll

I have wanted to share with everyone out there (you know the thousands that read this :) ) some of the God moments that I have lately. My small group has been wonderful for my walk with God. It has really challenged me to get back into my quiet times. I finally got a Quiet Time Journal. I have to say that not having a journal was my excuse for not having time with God. It was a stupid reason. But now I have my journal and have really enjoyed my God time. So here are some thoughts:

Romans 12:9 - 21 Love MUST be sincere!!! Hate what is evil and CLING to what is good! I love those words. You can picture it. In this world if you don't hold tight it will be taken away. Practice hospitality. Bless, bless, bless no matter what. If at all possible be at peace with everyone! You need to do all of this in order to be one body and work in unity! SELFLESS

Matthew 5:13 - 16 Let your light shine before men so that God may be given praise. You are the light of the world. Thinking - he wasn't talking about a torch...Are we to be a light by example and actions more than words? vs 16 May see your good deeds!

My pastor is doing a study on prayer. Last Sunday he talked about spiritual warfare. One of the great thoughts he had was go straight to prayer with the "what ifs". Anxiety is a stronghold. Prayer is a way to attack the worry of how my life will be taken care of. What you focus on mentally you act on!!! This Sunday was on having God's peace through prayer. He siad that prayer can change things but it ALWAYS changes us!!! Phil. 4:6-7 Don't allow anxiety - zero tolerance. Anxiety is fear. Pray without ceasing! 1 Thess. 5:17 We should be able to shift gears in a crazy moment just to pray and not be overwhelmed with anxiety. If you want peace, prayer should be a lifestyle. You cannot ask God TOO MUCH as long as it is not wrong to have it. But if you are not going to use it for His glory don't ask, He won't give it to you. Finally, peace of mind is not the destination, its part of the journey. It is to be a blessing not holding it just for ourselves but giving it to others. God's peace will set a guard around your heart and mind!!!

Praise the Lord

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