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Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Fourth of July

Last year for the Fourth of July we went downtown DC to the Capitol steps and watched the concert including Dolly Parton. It was a wonderful experience being surrounded by thousands on the Nation's Capitol. I really didn't think that it could get any better. This year, we were invited to watch the fireworks from the White House south lawn. The day began with RAIN. I prayed and prayed for it to move out. Sitting on wet blankets in the rain really didn't sound fun. God is so good. He moved out the rain. Trent and I brought our blankets and staked the best spot on the lawn, on a small hill with the Washington Monument to the side. A perfect view for the fireworks. Ice cream was given to us along with sodas. There was a band playing patriotic tunes along with thousands to join in on the fun. As it began to get dark, out on the balcony George W. Bush stepped out to wish us a hello. The band played Happy Birthday for him and we all cheered. How cool is it to be on the President's lawn. At 9:10 the fireworks began. We stretched out on the blankets to enjoy the lights. The fireworks were so amazing. They were 3-D jumping right to us. I couldn't have been at a better place at that very moment. How amazing!!! I didn't want to leave but after the 20 minute show it was time to go home. I felt like I had been to heaven and back.

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