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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Itsy's Camping Adventures

We have been home awhile from all of our adventure. I have spent sometime just relaxing. I am on my 3rd movie for the day. I know, terrible, just terrible.

Itsy's latest adventure was her first camping trip. Even though Itsy is an indoor dog, she sure loves the outdoors. She couldn't stop digging in the dirt. Rubbing her face all in it and putting anything and everything into her mouth. At first she was a little overwhelmed with all of the sounds and smells. Trying to potty was just a little much. She couldn't concentrate enough to get it out. :) Of course part of camping is hiking. It really isn't my favorite part, but it is Grumps'. we had to go on hikes that Itsy was allowed on. Our first hike was 2 miles round trip to a lookout point. The most Itsy had ever walked in her life was down the sidewalk to the mailbox. We thought we would have her walk until she got tired. She walked to the top, 1 mile. When she got up there she was wiped out. It was too cute. After a nap we headed back. Towards the end of the hike she looked like she couldn't go anymore, we took over. The next day we hiked a 3 mile round trip hike to a waterfall. This hike was very rocky. But like the day before, Itsy couldn't get enough. We did find that she hiked best with me in front, giving her a reason to keep going, to catch up to me. :)

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