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Saturday, September 18, 2004

School is in full affect (effect whatever)! God is good giving me a great class. But there has been a problem since it began. I have had fruit flies like crazy in my house. The crazy thing is that I don't have any fruit out or even any food! They have been driving me crazy! Every night I spend most of my evening killing flies and cleaning it all up. Last night it seems that they were in the hundreds. I was so grossed out! As I was talking to Grumps trying to figure where they were coming from I looked on the table and saw his lunchbox. I had thought earlier (3weeks ago) that maybe it was Trent's lunchbox. There just couldn't be anyway he would have left something inside it. Trent is just too careful. As I looked closer there were swarms around it and coming out of it. I went to unzip it and look inside. They came flying out like crazy and there was something black inside. I went crazy and threw it into the sink and hung up on Trent at the same time. I was screaming!!!! When I got my wits I called Grumps back and threw it outside. I had hundreds flying around for sure now. YUCK!!! I spent the next hour on the phone with a friend as she helped me come up with a solution of getting rid of the rest. Now I still have them, but not too bad. I haven't finished cleaning up all the guts off my windows because I still have them flying around. Now that it has stopped raining I have the windows open airing out my house. I am hoping they will just DIE SOON!!! As for the lunchbox, it is still outside. My neighbor is going to come and clean it up for me. I just can't do it. Hopefully now I can come home after work and not have to kill and clean!

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