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Sunday, October 09, 2005

My Neighbor

I have the best neighbors in the world. If I ever need anything they are right there for me. In fact every Wednesday I have Lost and pizza night with K and H, who live 3 doors down. We have been doing this now for over a year. It is very rare that we miss a night. We will even reschedule if we have too. Spending time together isn't just limited to Wednesdays. Little Man, their son, stops by almost daily to visit with Itsy.

K and I have different views and life experiences but we really are true friends. We have been there through work sucking, life just not making sense, and having fun. We know how to eat, drink and watch tv/movies together like nobodies business. We can so have fun!

Now here's a funny story! I get a call from K on Sunday. She says, "I have to tell you something before you hear it from someone else." Well is it good or bad, the thoughts are going crazy in my head. She goes on to tell me that she was taken to the hospital by ambulance the night before. "WHAT!?" came flying out of my mouth. She hadn't called me. We had promised that we would call each other during an emergency no matter what. Then I remembered that Grumps and I weren't home. UGH! I failed on my promise.

K had pink eye. It had been driving her crazy. Little Man was asleep and H was at work. She was going crazy with the goop and started to clean it out of her eyes. As she wiped she felt a big clump and started to pull. As she pulled she felt as if she was pulling her eye out of her head. She started to freak out! She thought she had pulled something that was suppose to not be pulled out. Her eyelid felt like it was now sticking to her eye. She was for sure freaking out now. So she grabbed her eye, put her 'clump' in a ziplock bag and called H. He called the ambulance.

Do you think she pulled out her eye?

HOLY CRAP!!!! MY WORD!! When did this happen? Is she okay? Are they still at the hospital? Where's Little Man? Oh my word. I am just completely flustered here. Hands sweating, heart beating wildly! Give an update as soon as you know more. A big hug for ((((K))))
Boy did I get you! She is fine and so is everyone else! I will post the rest of the story tomorrow!
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