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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pitiful Me

I am so out of shape. I keep trying to fool myself in believing that I am still looking good. (Yes, I look great with clothes on, for the most part minus the chunk chunk, but naked YUCK!)

I went out Friday with K and her husband and Grumps to celebrate our birthdays. (I am moving into a new decade on Friday) We went to an adult arcade, Dave and Busters. When we got there the games were messed up and we were able to play for free. K and I ran to the boxing game. We thought we were hot stuff and just boxed away. It didn't take but 5 minutes into the game to wear me out. 15 minutes later I am so sore and exhausted. After a night of playing games, using my unused trigger finger, I am not MESSED UP! My back, legs, arms, hands, stomach, and much much more hurt like I worked out for hours. PITIFUL!

Tae Bo here I come! (okay I know I have said that for the past month but seriously, something has to be done!)

Can't help but laugh...but mostly because I would be just as sore...and I keep saying the same thing about TaeBo. This is THE week! It's got to be.
I'm right there with you girls on the TaeBo.....I have the ultimate boot camp one and I've done it ONCE. Makes me sweat way too much! Boo on that.....
Hey I have the same one Kristi with the bands? I have only done it once half way! THIS WEEK, I promise. I will give everyone an update. teeheehee
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