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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Saturday Disappointment

I love my Saturday mornings. I especially love it when it is raining and there is no way I am going anywhere. So this morning I was going to start a post about Saturday Mornings. Something turned that into a good post into something else.

Last night I slept like a champ. Sleeping is something that doesn't come easy for me these days. I got 8 full hours of sleep. I woke up beside G and Itsy just loving the warm cozy feeling that was inside or bed. I was able to get some good reading time in and then that great after reading nap. My Saturday was going to perfect.

Grumpy was off to an appoinment for a massage. (Yes, I said massage. I bought it forever ago and he is finally using it. I told him that it might be a man and that might have ruined it for him.) I decided to have a nice yummy piece of apple pie for breakfast. G wasn't anywhere in sight so that made it even better. There wouldn't be those looks of, "This is morning, you should not be eating dessert."

I took my pie upstairs to curl up on bed. As I started eating it, each bite got better and better. The carmal just oozed out. The apple pieces were so nice and tart. The crumble on top gave the perfect balance of sweet and not so sweet. Man, what a great Saturday morning. Desperate Housewives was just starting. I went to take my last bite of pie when I saw something that just didn't look right. The color didn't go with that perfect apple pie color. I looked a little closer and moved my fork around when there it was. Staring me right in the eye. The disappointment to my Saturday, MOLD!!! THERE WAS MOLD IN MY LAST PIECE OF PIE!!! I started to yell and run. I ran like the wind downstairs to the sink. Me and the faucet became one. The pie became one with the trash. I moaned and yucked! I ripped open a package of cookies and ate one to get that pie taste out.

So here I am in bed with you on my now disappointing Saturday. I don't know if I can continue with this day knowing that I just ate moldy pie.

Oh. No. That is...*shudders*

At least you had cookies to take away the taste of the moldy pie.
"Gag"! How disappointing.
Oh Sunny! That so sounds like something that would happen to me. Sorry that it ruined your Saturday....hugs!
OH man, glad stuff like that doesn't only happen to me!! How nasty!! Sorry about your Saturday!!
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