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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Snooping Again

If you don't know this by now, I love to snoop and be nosey. I was watching the new Jody Foster movie, Flight Plan (I think that is the name), I thought, how cool would it be to be on a plane with someone having a big problem. I would love to 'listen'. I love overhearing conversations. I love playing detective. I love making up stories about people and seeing if I am right.

All that said, I was spying again on Crit's blog and found a great Sunday night game to play! Well we will see how great it is! (Oh K told me the blogging term for stealing but of course I forgot it. It starts with a g and ends with ed. HA! I will have to find out and blog about my new word!)

Here goes the game!

Google images for each of the following- choose an image out of the results to represent.

1. Town you grew up
2. Town where you live now
3. Your real name
4. Favorite cocktail
5. Favorite smell

1. I have lived in many, many place but here is where I graduated from high school. I couldn't find a fun picture. My town was and is pretty boring!
2. I thought this was funny! Here is where I live now back in the day!

3. I did a search for name on google images and this came up! WHAT THE HECK!!! It is a kitchen gadget but it looks like something else to me.

4. This is me after I have had one too many of them too!!!


Now it is your turn!!! I hope it makes tomorrow easier for those who have to go to work! I think I will come up with something fun for tomorrow! Maybe, why do you hate your job, if you could do anything for a living, what would it be...

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