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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Time Change

Well I can't believe I did it. I forgot to change my clocks. I had thought about it the day before. I saw reminders everywhere I went. Even Grumps told me not to forget to change my clock.

Last night I actually slept like a baby. I didn't wake up until my alarm went off. I hit snooze (my new found habit, it gives me 4 more minutes of beauty sleep).

My alarm went off again.

I go to sit up when Grumps grunts, "Why are you getting up? It is early."

My reply, "We have to go to church, it is time."

Grumps groans this time, "Sunny did you forget to change your clock?"

Now it is my turn to groan, "Oh my gosh!"

Grumpy smarts off, "You have ruined our extra hour of sleep. You have totally ruined it!"

I smart back off, "No I didn't."

Then with a sigh, "I guess I did, sorry."

If Grumpy hadn't have been home, I would have arrived at church a full hour early! UGH!!!

Is there anyone out there who forgot to change their clock like me? Or am I the only dummy?

Sunny, we actually remembered. We did forget last year though....HA!
I forgot...but I told you that already. haaa
We forgot too!! We were up every two hours with a sick baby :-( Didn't get a whole lot done this weekend. Good news is - the babe's feeling better now :-)
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