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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tomorrow is FRIDAY

I love Thursday nights! It means that when I wake up my favorite day will be here, FRIDAY! I love waking up on Friday with a huge smile on my face. Friday means that you can be super tired but that night you can sleep with no cares.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday night. Only 3 more hours to FRIDAY!!! Anyone doing anything worth mentioning tomorrow?

I can't wait for Friday either. I feel so ambitious. I could get a ton of stuff done tonight even though I am exhausted...all because tomorrow is Friday and I know I can sleep in on Saturday. My exciting Friday includes a massage. Can't wait.
I have nothing exciting planned for tomorrow except gathering up crap for my Saturday morning garage sale. Bore-ING! I'm just happy that Sunday is a lounge around day for me.....woohoo!
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