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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Your High and Low

Today has been one of those days! You know the day where you want to stay in bed forever not speaking to a soul. My attitude just stinks about life. I don't want it to be that way but it is there. UGH!!! I am so blessed and have so much! So I was thinking, what was your high today and what was your low. Here is mine!

My high: making a great veggie soup, playing with my new iPod, seeing my hubby, but most of all spending some time with my great support group tonight! Thank you for cheering me on!

My low: work. It just isn't fun anymore. The kids were crazy but then again I was not there. My body was but nothing else seemed to be with it. I have to change my attitude and press on! It is just the beginning!

Now it is your turn!

What grade do you teach?
(((((Sunny)))))!! Wish I could come and eat junk, drink happy drinks, watch Tivo, wear pj bottoms, and do nothing with you all day tomorrow. Love you super much!
High: I got tons done at work today even though I was gone in the p.m.
Low: Single girl pitty party (see my blog)
Hotlips, I teach 2nd grade in a trailer. FUN TIMES!!!

Iris I am on my way to check out your low ! ::hugs:: to you too!!!
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