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Thursday, November 03, 2005

By 30

I found this on a fellow blog, The Buzz. I saved it for this perfect day! It was found in Glamour titled "By 30". By 30 I should know these things.

1. How To Fall In Love Without Losing Yourself
2. How You Feel About Having Kids
3. How To Quit A Job, Break Up With A Man And Confront A Friend Without Ruining A Friendship
4. When To Try Harder And When To Walk Away
5. How To Live Alone, Even If You Don't Like To
6. How To Take Control Of Your Own Birthday
7. Not To Apologize For Something That Isn't Your Fault
8. What You Would And Wouldn't Do For Money Or Love
9. Who You Can Trust, Who You Can't And Why You Shouldn't Take It Personally
10. That Your Childhood May Not Have Been Perfect, But It's Over

Man I have to say I have learned all these things and am pretty good at them. Yes of course there are a couple that I am still working on, but for the most part I have done all of these. Some of them I didn't learn until this past year, my last year of being in my 20's. Those were hard lessons. After reading this list I feel pretty confident that I am now ready for that New Decade I was talking about earlier.

Can anyone add to this list something that I should know by 30 or will learn real quick?

I thought of one! How to take a compliment without saying all the negative, reasons why, the deal you got. All that good stuff. Yes I am still learning how to do this gracefully but I feel more confident.

THANK YOU!!! With a nice big smile!
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