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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Good Smells

Thanksgiving dinner is now sitting in my fridge. I picked it up today Chicken Out! My car soooo smells good. It was hard to contain myself from busting open the food and making a nice big plate for a snack.

Tomorrow we will have a plate of turkey and rotisserie chicken.
Two big containers of mashed potatoes.
Two big containers of dressing, which I will say, "Pass" to.
Cranberry relish
Creamed spinached
Macci cheese
K will make a salad and veggies.
I will make yeast rolls.
Wegman's provided the pecan pie.

I know that we are lazy. But I bet my dinner tastes better than some. While everyone is slaving away, I will be laying in bed right up until lunch time.

All this talking about food is really making me want to go sneak some turkey!

So...I'm curious!! How was it? Just as good or better than our Sunday Chicken in PY?
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