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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Grumps' Rambles

Grumps called me today to ask if I had seen underneath the couch. We have hardwood floors and I guess some how dust bunnies find their way underneath the furniture. That will remain a mystery to me. Anyway, Itsy had found my flip flop and wanted to 'eat' it since it smelled so much like the things she loves, smelly things. G wanted to know if that would be okay. "Could she eat my sandle?" What kind of question is that? Of course not!

When I got home from work I made him dinner. As he takes his dinner downstairs he starts another conversation.

"Hey, this weekend, are you going to clean the house? I vaccumed and picked up and you did nothing."

"Ha!~" Was my reply.

"I did nothing? How about keep the kitchen clean, change the sheets, get you food to eat, clean the bathroom. Okay, well the bathroom isn't clean right now but just imagine if I never cleaned it. You would be up to your neck in scum. Yes, WE will clean the house this weekend."

Then I get this realiziaton! "Hey Grumps, did you know that in two weeks we get to put up or Christmas stuff?" Of course I have a HUGE grin on my face!

"Oh great, we can't seem to keep our house clean with the little that we have out now. I can only imagine what it will look like when we have out all that Christmas crap."

"Would you like to just skip Christmas?"

"Boy, would I love that, especially since after a month we have to put all that crap back away."

I guess this wasn't as funny as it was when it was taking place in real time. But maybe you can find some humor in it somewhere!

It was hilarious to me...but then again, I could imagine both of your voices and especially Grumps facial expressions.
HA! Thanks for cheering me on.
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