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Monday, November 28, 2005

I Feel Cheated

A couple of summers ago, upon a friend's request I blogged about body hair. I have to say it was and is my best blog entry ever. I had so much fun with it. It was read by many who learned great life lessons.

One of those dear readers sent me an email with this website. I think they must of gotten their idea from me. I still believe mine is way more funny than theirs.

I know that it isn't summer yet. It is usually during this great time of year that we all go on a shaving vacation and really let our legs and other parts go free for a time being. But maybe you need a good read from either me or them!

Yes, I went a little overboard with the linking, but it was fun!

Sunny you are way too funny!!! And thank for the
"annonimity" (sp?) !!!!! :) I thought about posting it on my website, but I was way to shy!! I knew you'd have the guts! Okay, I know for you it doesn't even take guts!!

And yes! your post is funnier than their site!! You go girl.
Too funny!! LOL I think your post is great!!
Thank you Joanne!!! I will pull it out again once swimsuit weather draws near.
Love it! Loved it back when you wrote it and I love it now. People NEED to know these things. Your entry beats the website hands down.
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