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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Life's Little Pleasures

Today I arrived home to a nice surprise. Grumps had a handyman come and fix our door. Fix? You might say. Well one night we went out with friends for dinner while our other friends worked on laying our wood floor. We gave them a key to our house but didn't tell them not to lock the bottom lock because we didn't have a key.

When we got home of course we couldn't get in. It was cold, late and the weekend. Grumps and his friend walked around back to see if anything was open. Nope. So our friend begins to call a locksmith. Grumps on the other hand decides that he can fix the situation. He decides that he can kick in the door.

So he kicks! BAM!!!

He kicks again for good measure! BAM CRACK BASH!


We are now in our house but the doorframe and lock are screwed.

Pulling back from the scene and moving into present day, that was a year ago. Grumps finally decided that things needed to get fixed. Now I have a fixed door, a storm door, and a new lock/handle set. He also had the new hood installed above the stove.

How silly am I but I jumped for joy sending Itsy into a fit. I LOVE it all!!!

It doesn't take much to put a smile on my face!

If you get locked out of your house, I can send Grumps over. He still thinks he is Superman! I told him that it would have been cheaper to have had a locksmith come. He said, "I wanted to be inside. I didn't want to wait!" BOYS!!!

This cracks me up, because in a way it is so unlike Grumps (the kicking the door in) because it's 'such a waste'. On the other hand I can see him doing it because of the frusteration he felt. I can't believe how similar we are...we seriously could be brother and sister!
for sure!!!
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