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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My Scary Dog

Every Wednesday night my neighbor, K and I get together for pizza, drinks, sweets and Lost. We have been having Pizza Night for over a year now. We rotate who buys pizza.

Tonight was my night. For a little variety I ordered Papa John's extra large BBQ Chicken and Bacon (Only half with Bacon so that K's husband can participate.) and a large thin crust pepperoni and mushroom (our usual). I can smell it waiting for me right now. YUMMMM!!!

The pizza man came. Itsy was going crazy as usual. Tonight the pizza man decides to 'play' with my dog. He barks back. Eggs Itsy on. He doesn't stop at just one bark. He goes on and on until Itsy is freaking out in my arms. If she could have, she would have eaten his hand off. It took all that I had to hold her back.

It was funny at first until she really got upset. It is good to know that my little foo foo dog has a little scare in her. If I was ever attacked, you betcha bottom dollar she would eat the face of my attacker.

I LOVE MY Scary dog!!!
Itsy only looks this good once a year. Now she is as puffy as a cotton ball, mattes and all!

What an absolutely adorable dog!! Lost, sweets and a dog lover-my kinda people! :)
Thank you. She is our life. You should come join us one Wed. night. :) Same place, same time every week.
My kids do the SAME THING!


ha ha
Thank You! That is so sweet! What'd you think of last night's episode?
Aren't wednesday's fun! my husband and I always make tacos and margaritas and watch LOST. we don't know any of our neighbors yet to have them join in! Pizza night sounds fun, though!
I love your dog! How cute! I want a dog SO bad!!! :)
I love your margarita idea. How fun! You need to find some good neighbors to join you. It took me 2 years to find K. We just can't get enough of each other.

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