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Monday, November 28, 2005

Nosy Neighbor

I think I am the nosiest neighbor in the world. I live to be nosy!

When I hear something or someone outside, I run to my windows and do a little peek. I will even turn out my lights so that no one can see me doing the peeking! I have gotten so good at it that I will even crack my window to get the full conversation.

Tonight when I came home my neighbor was having their car towed away. Of course my mind goes to the drama and I think, "hmmm I wonder if they couldn't pay their bills." I could have been nice and thought, "the car won't work, it needs to be towed." But that isn't fun.

I not only watch drama, I create drama. I start making up stories about everyone who lives around me if I don't really know them. This summer I kept hearing noises coming from one of my neighbor's townhouse from my bedroom. His wife and child were on vacation so that just left him. I had myself so freaked out that he had locked them up and was lying that I hung out in my closet with my ear to the wall to get a good listen. A week later I saw his wife and kid and felt much better.

My other neighbor I believe is gay. I doesn't like talking to me but gets really excited when Grumps is around. He will find strange ways to talk to him. We also believe he listens to loud porn since we can hear the nice background thrushing beat through our walls.

Lets see, should I stop now? I could go on all night.

I am so bad, that now Itsy, my dog, is just as nosy. She hears a noise, she jumps off the bed and runs downstairs, while I turn off the lights and peak through the blinds.

Are you nosy? Any good stories?

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