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Monday, November 21, 2005

Thanksgiving Favorites

Just like the past 3 years we will be home alone for Thanksgiving. Grumps is working and my family is meeting up together with my brother. So K and I are going to go and buy Thanksgiving dinner. I know that is an awful thing to do. But I have been doing that awful thing for the past 3 years and it is just fine in my book.

When I tell people what we do they give me such an ugly look. They go, "Really? How nice. HA!" Then I get the looks of pity. I am just fine without the big family meal. I would love to be with them but I am just fine without.

Anyways, we also get the many Thanksgiving offers. "Come to our house. We have plenty." How strange is that? I don't know their family or the inside jokes. We would just sit and answer questions. Therefore, we order our food.

Here are my favorites that we order:

MASHED POTATOES!!!! I can't get enough of them. I really like them lumpy so that I know that they are real.

WHITE MEAT TURKEY!!!! I love a big piece of juicy turkey.

VEGGIES especially green beans.

HOMEMADE YEAST ROLLS covered in butter.

PIES pecan and buttermilk are the best.

MY MAMA'S jello!!!

Share your favorites. Let's get our mouths watering early!

Mmmmmm...pumpkin pie! We've already had our Thanksgiving and I am already thinking about my first Christmas Dinner...this Sunday at my house...eeeeek! Maybe we should call it our American Thanksgiving Party instead of our Christmas Party. teeheehee
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