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Friday, December 09, 2005

Baking List

I am feeling the need to bake. Last year I skipped it all together. This year, I would like to give things to friends and neighbors. I would like to take things home with me. I would like to eat and enjoy the fat that will plop right onto my butt!

Here's what I am thinking:

Oatmeal Lace Cookies
Puppy Chow
Chex Party Mix
Praline Cookies
English Toffee
Almond Joy Chocolate Balls
Iced Sugar Cookies

For My Dad

Indian Cookies

I have made 7 out of the 11 items before. I think I might have too much here to even attempt but they all sound so yummy. Maybe if I bake a little here and then a little there for the next two weekends I can do it without killing myself.

Anyone else bake each year? Anything worth adding to my list? I usually make cinnamon rolls but they just aren't as good as my mom's. I am never happy with them.

Ok, that sounds so yummy! I've baked orange cookies, pecan square and kalter hund (german chocolate square). Snickerdoodles sound very delicious. Care to share?
I used to love to bake like that when my girls were little... and they loved to help. :) I still like getting stuff like that! Sounds yummy!
How about "No-Bake Cookies"? Easy and good. Also "Crock-Pot Candy". City Girl usually makes that as gifts for co-workers. Also really good and easy...
What is crock pot candy? I think my Indian cookies are your no bake cookies. Chocolate, oatmeal and the liking, bring to boil, and then drop. That is the for sure short version. :) If you lived near I would make you a plate.

Joanne, I will get you that recipe when I get it out. I don't really like them but my dad LOVES them!
Got this from our office manager who is a FABULOUS baker:
Crock Pot Candy:
2 jars dry roasted peanuts
1 salted
1 unsalted
1 square german chocolate
1 bag semi-sweet choc chips
2 pkgs almond bark.

crock pot on low; pour in nuts, chips, break up choc. & almond bark.
DON'T STIR-do not remove top
cook 3 hours
remove top, stir
drop on wax paper-will harden as it cools

City Girl makes it every year and it's always a hit!
I would think the No-Bake and Indian cookies are the same. We always make 'em b/c they're so easy! :)
Are your chocolate balls the same as peanut butter balls? Those are my favourite along with homemade O Henry bars. We tried a new Chex mix recipe this year so that Kendra can eat something too. We are all into sweets and she is into salty. Poor girl never has snack foods at our homes.
BS I can't wait to try that. How easy! I will add that to my list!

I, the chocolate balls I guess are like the peanut butter ones. I found the recipe in Paula Deens The Lady and Sons Just Desserts cookbook. What is your new Chex mix?

I wanted to start baking but will have to start tomorrow.
My mom found the chex mix recipe online. I will have to get it from her. She tested it out last weekend and Kendra liked it so it's a keeper. I'm not a chex mix person, but I'll pick through it. hahaha

Bake tomorrow for sure. It's such a neat gift to give to people. I did that for the past two years and people loved it and I loved baking the stuff together with others. Such a Christmasy thing.
We were just talking about this in my office yesterday...how it's such a neat gift and people love to receive it. Plus the fun of baking together.
Hope everything turns out yummy! :)
yum! Making me hungry...even though I just finished a grande peppermint mocha from Starbucks. God, I LOVE those things!
I should be baking, too....I usually make that crock pot candy Big Pissy was talking about.... hadn't gotten there yet this year... I LOVE snickerdoodles! Are they easy to make? If so, would you consider sharing that recipie? Happy Baking!
City Girl, very easy to make. When I get my recipe out I will post it for you ladies. :) I wish I had gone to the store to get my supplies. I am ready to pig out.
I am the baking FOOOOOOOL!
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