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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Big Pissy

This is for you. My comment won't post! I have tired a million times but it just won't take. I keep getting the same stupid letters to put in. So I am giving you your own post. :)

GO for the floors. We did our ourselves with friends. Actually our friends did them while we 'helped'. WE LOVE our floors. :)

The tree is up. Itsy loves to crawl under it and snuggle in with the quilt that is there. I took some cute pictures. No hat though. That will come later. I did put her boots on. Boy was that a laugh. Pictures will follow that moment too. HA!

I hope you feel special today. KISSES!

exygeuz works fine for me ;)
Did you try commenting under Little Words? That is where I am having a problem. :)
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