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Monday, December 12, 2005

Comfort Food

I am a sucker for food. Food defines me and my moods. Some people love shopping when life has its little bumps or highs. I love food. I love going to the store and buying new things. I can spend a nice amount of money on food alone.

Tonight I ate one of my new comfort foods, ravioli with cheese. It made me feel so warm and cozy. I loved wrapping my hands around my big mug, cuddling under the covers, taking in every bite with a YUM! Man, I want the other four in my fridge right now.

These are the foods that make me love life:

Mama's spaghetti and meatballs, warm sugar cookies, Southern squash, chicken noodle soup, biscuits with honey, grilled peanut butter and jelly, chili and cornbread, hot homemade bread, chewy warm brownies, hashbrown casserole, cheese burger, french fries and mustard, tator tot, bowl of ice cream of any kind, filet mignon, maci cheese, catfish, chips and french onion dip, hummus and pita, feta cheese on a good salad, homemade pasta salad in the summer, Mama's cinnamon rolls, yeast rolls, mashed potatoes, Granny's chocolate sheet cake, bowl of watermelon, buttermilk pie, field peas, buttered corn on the cob, fried chicken breast, sliced tomatoes, pepperoni PIZZA Pizza Hut style, dump cake, oatmeal lace cookies, potato salad just made nice and warm, Mama's Sunday pot roast, french toast with powdered sugar, bacon and tomato sandwhiches, green beans, frosting, Krispy Kream Donuts HOT, Sweetwater rolls, cherries, banana bread, grilled hot dog, OH MY GOSH the list goes on and on.

Can you tell I am a Southerner?

What are your comfort foods? Anything I missed?

Girl, you ARE a southerner!
You forgot the Sweet Tea to wash it all down! :)
HA, well that is where my Southerness ends. I HATE tea of any sort and coffee too. I know, strange. :)
Hmmmm...o.k. What about R.C. Cola?
You didn't mention banana puddin' in your list. Not a fan? :)
Sunny, half the things you've mentioned I've never tried, some I've never heard of. Probably b/c you're the only Southerner I know . . . :)
That is too funny Monica. Ask Iris about them. I think she has tried most of the things on the list.

Big P I dont' like RC but oh do I love Banana pudding.

Oh I forgot one, Banana Moon Pies. YUMMY!
My latest fav: squash casserole
YUM! Love your list! Makin' me hungry! Glad the holidays are here so I can have an 'excuse' to eat! :)
Monica, here is the translation into what we know most of these things as. When I first met Sunny and Grumps I had no clue what half of these things were, but then some of them are just called something else. So, here's the translation of the ones I think you might not know:
Sugar cookies--I think it's the white "grandma cookies" we have at Christmas.
Souther Squash-no clue
Chicken noodle soup-different than ours, but still yummy.
biscuits with honey- same as ours.
grilled peanut butter and jelly- make a grilled cheese sandwich but replace the cheese with peanut butter and jelly. It took me AGES to dare try this, but it is actually super good on homemade multigrain bread. Mmmm I could have one now.
cornbread-ours is different.
chewy warm brownies-you know these...I've made Sunny's a zillion times. Best recipe in the universe.
hasbrown casserole-no clue
french fries and mustard - is that really southern or just Sunny?
catfish- OH MY WORD!! That is all I can say.
homemade pasta salad in summer - I've made it a zillion times but don't know if you've ever been over or at a potluck when I have brought it.
yeast rolls - buns
chocolate sheet cake - yummy. i am sure you've had it. We called it Texas Sheet Cake growing up.
Bowl of watermelon- had never heard of this before Sunny. We eat our watermelon in wedges, they cut it up and scoop it into a bowl or just eat it out of the watermelon.
butermilk pie- no clue
field peas-peas we eat out of the garden.
dump cake - you've got to try this. I have the recipe. Soooooo good and sooooooo easy and soooooo bad for you.
Krispy Kream-you know them. We don't get them here although I saw them at walmart the other day. How old were they to have been shipped up here? Gross!! I looked at a box of them and they were all gross and shrivelled.
There, did I miss any you didn't know about? Hmmmm now I am hungry.

sweetwater rolls-no clue
You have had hashbrown Casserol at Cracker Barrel. Hashbrown and lots of cheese, sour cream. You probably just don't remember.

Southern Squash is boiled yellow squash then put in a pan with olive oil, garlic and sweet onion. Cook it some more and add salt and pepper. THE BEST EVER meal.

Did we go to Sweetwater or Coastal Flats when you were here? Those are restuarants from here. They have the best rolls ever. Like little donut holes. I am not sure if we ate there. I can't believe we didn't because they are both one of my favorite eats.

Thanks for the translation. :)

I forgot queso dip and chips. YUMMY!
I remember the hashbrown casserole now. I can't remember about Sweetwater. We definately didn't got to Coastal Flatts. What does Sweetwater look like on the inside? That would jog my memory.
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