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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Comment problems

For some messed up reason I cannot add a comment to my Smells in the Air post! So here we go again!

City Girl... I am usually just like you. I have been trying better today. I had the radio going with all the favs. I downloaded Christmas music to my iPod. The Carpenter Christmas is my FAVORITE!

When putting up our tree we had the music, the hot chocolate with spirits. Usually it is cider but ran out of apple juice.

If anyone has a comment for that stupid post, please put it here! UGH what is up with that same SMENITA letter verification?

we just got back from the store with hot chocolate. yum!
good idea to put christmas music on the ipod! hadn't even gotten that far. I LOVE my little green mini ipod! It would love to have some christmas tunes on it!
I'll have to look up The Carpenter Christmas!
You can make a Holiday playlist. HA!
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