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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Dreaded Foosball Table

If you were reading my previous post and comments you know that Grumps and I have been putting together a foosball table.

This table was Grumps big gift. I had planned to put it together and have it ready to suprise him for Christmas. It never happened. The thing is SUPER heavy. So along with the cleaning he wanted to put it together. We don't put things together. I do it. But since this is heavy I needed his help.

I followed the directions to the T except for the location of the little men. I assumed Grumps knew what he was doing. We worked hard to get this stupid table together. It took way longer than I had planned.

We begin to play the game when Grumps realized that the men were not in the right place. That is right, we put it together wrong. We had to figure out how to remove the men, which was the first step in the directions, without undoing the entire game. After Grumps pitched a fit, the dog chewed the balls, and I did a little yelling, the table was finished.

I am done with putting things together for a while. Especially with Grumps! Oh yeah, we played a game and he won. But because of the wasted time, I will eat and drink whatever I want tonight, whatever the cost!

*The picture isn't the exact table. I can't find ours online.

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