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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Good Smells

Every morning I have come into the kitchen with something cooking and the smells just wake up my senses. This morning it is muffins and bacon. It has been biscuits and sausage with yummy eggs on other mornings. Apply cider has been a must.

We have snacked on food all day everyday. There are sweets scattered around the house that I can't stop eating.

I love coming home and sitting in the kitchen with my mama! I love watching her run around the kitchen with a song and a spoon in her hand. This is home to me.

All of us have struggled with our weight one time or another but during this time, the scale is hidden and the thought of gaining has escaped us. It is all about loving life and home. (Now we all have to start counting those points once 2006 shows it's face.)

It is amazing how being home just takes you back. It is amazing how you can sit next to your mama on the couch so close and not feel that uncomfortable feeling that you get when you sit next to someone who you don't see all the time. Being home is just so special.

The bacon and sausage is almost done. Time to peel the oranges for freshly squeezed OJ!

I'm glad you're having such a good time with your family!!! :)
Thanks Big P! I bet you are enjoying being with your girl!
yeah, so I kind of commented on the other post of yours after reading both of them...anyway, like I said, glad you're having fun with your fam!
This is my 1st married Christmas and Z just fit right in. Instead of our usual total movie marathon, we threw in some games, like scrabble, monopoly, even clue! It was fun. I definitely got to where I needed my personal space~quiet time, you know. But not him! He just let me go off and he kept the games goin'! They played poker one night 'till the wee hours of the morning! No karaoke, though! :)
That sounds like a fabulous time Sunny! I can almost smell the food as well. ;)
sunny-- quick-- help me fix hot lips' blog

i need to ge the font red, which tag does that and i need the sidebar moved up
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