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Sunday, December 04, 2005

I HATE Sewing Machines

I recently took up sewing. Yes, I am crazy. I am not crafty and really don't like the idea of them. But I got this crazy idea one day. Remember I am a little crazy these days.

Last Friday, Black Friday, Target had a great deal on a sewing machine. I couldn't resist it and took it as a sign.

I started my little project without any problems. I took a break from it and then picked back up last night. Guess what? My machine QUIT. My brand new sewing machine just quit working. I packed it up and took it right back to Target. Of course they didn't have another one.

Walmart was my next stop. I found a little bit better machine and decided to buy it. I am in the middle of a project. I got excited as I took it out of the box. I was going to sew my little heart out all night long. Well, maybe at least for a couple of hours.

Here we go again! I was missing a BIG part of the machine. The little box with the needles and extra things. WHAT THE HECK? I boxed that sucker back into the box and put it right by the door. Off we will go tomorrow to give Walmart a piece of our minds.

I can't win for trying! Maybe I should just not even continue with my little idea and call it complete quits!

Instead of sewing now I have retreated to my bed with a glass of wine and Tivo remote in my hand. This is less stressful anyway!

I admire any one who sews-too much math for me :) I want City Girl or Little Pissy to learn how to sew so that they can do all our sewing for the redecorating projects we always end up with!
Don't get caught up in your TIVO and forget Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy tonight! two of my favorites!
Good for you! Sewing. that's hard work. i have tried knitting recently. it's very....methodical. loop, around, swoop, pull. Over and over. I am at a standstill, though. I am too much of a perfectionist and have one stitch too little and it is making my scarf too narrow in the middle. Anyway, my husband thinks I'm crazy. he's like, you are too young to be knitting in bed everynight!!! We JUST got married and you're already knitting! You're not even 30! :)
I want a Tivo. I've got a friend with one and I love to go over there and catch up on shows or just watch them with no commercials! :0
Have a great night!
PS. I'm enjoying your blog... Big Pissy sent me to you!
Just noticed your Tivo roll. girl, you have some GREAT shows on there! I'd never get out of bed...or off of the couch!
my fav shows are D.H, grey's anatomy, and lost. we also watch reunion. I like to catch without a trace, alias, and cold case when I remember!
I'm over the OC! I am SICk of marissa and ryan! love seth and summer, though!
I am so glad that your mom sent you to me. I have enjoyed our bantering. :)

I LOVE Tivo. I can't live without it these days. I actually need to update my Tivo list. I have dropped Alias for sure. Since she got pregnant I have blacklisted her. HA! K, my neighbor who I watch Lost with, has dropped the OC. I am still working with it. I HATE Marissa but can't give up Seth. teeheehee

Oh I LOVE to knit. I just only know how to knit though. I have made many a scarf. It so relaxes me. In fact, Grummps my husband loves it because at least my brain isn't totally going to mush while watching Tivo. You know you just need to pull on your scarf to stretch it out so that it doesn't look so narrow. The more you knit, the better you get. That is my motto. My dream is to learn to pearl. HA!

Big Pissy, Don't think that I am good at sewing and do the math. I make it all up in my head. If I had to follow a pattern you can forget it. Tivo is getting D'Wives and Greys. I will catch up tomorrow, hopefully with some snow.
I didn't know you got a sewing machine. Next time I come and visit we will pick up some patterns and make something. That would be so fun. I used to sew for fun when I was in Jr. High (middle school). That's ages ago, but I am sure that it would all come back. Someday I will have my own sewing machine!
Yeah I got it the day after Thanksgiving. I have material for the cool thing I am making. Now I just need to go and take this stupid machine back.

We would have so much fun. You could figure things out for me. :)! I like your new picture.
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