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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's TOO Cold Outside

My little Southern self isn't used to this cold weather. Yes, I know that my Great White North Canadian friends get much colder weather, but this is COLD!

I have to stand outside waiting for my kids to come into our nice trailer. I just freeze.

So this morning I get in the shower and think about how cold it is outside and how cold I am going to be. My brain just stops thinking and I go through my morning motions without thinking about it.

I get dressed. Start to do my hair. I realize that for some reason my gel hasn't really taken hold to my hair. My hair is super soft and shiny. Then it hit me. I FORGOT TO WASH MY HAIR!!! I have the kind of hair that HAS to be watched once a day or I look like an oil slick hit. So I had to go back and wash it. I have never gotten that far in my morning routine before realizing my error.

I hope I am not the only one who has done something so dumb in the morning.

I blame it all on the cold weather!!!

Look at my "Weather Pixie"~it's a balmy 57 degrees here! :)
I loved your Weather Pixie so much that I got me one. :)
HA! That's the only think we've (me and Sweet Man) have been able to do right on my blog. I haven't been able to figure out how to do links or get a picture on my profile or any of the other trillion things I want to do with my blog. I actually went to Books-a-Million to see if they had "Blogging for Dummies". They don't. :(
I love your weather pixie's outfit!!! Too cute! You know I'm all about fashion! :)
Ooooh I got myself a weather pixie now too. So fun. The only thing I wish it had was both deg. C and deg. F because I need deg. C and most of you guys need to see my deg. F. Oh well...I'll let you figure it out. haaaaaaaaa Can you choose a weather pixie outfit? I couldn't figure that out.
I figured it out.
You girls are too cute.

Big Pissy you can for sure figure the link stuff out. It actually shows you how to type your link things under the template. You just do what they say and add the links in that you want. If you want I can go into more detail.

Maybe I can for us since she is really good. I learned through her. :)
Thanks, Sunny! You know, if I actually READ some of the stuff blogger suggests, I could maybe do some of the stuff I want. But nooooo! :)
Thank you fellow blogger for the heads up. :)
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