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Saturday, December 17, 2005

I've Been Tagged

Monica tagged me. How funny are you? HA! So I have tried to come up with my 20 interesting things about myself. UGH, I have had a block about it. Forget the creativeness and the witty answers. I am just going to get it all out there!

1. I sneak food. I was actually going to blog about this. It is almost like the Truman Show the way I pretend others are watching me sneak it out of my kitchen and into my mouth.
2. I hate failing others. I worry about it too much!
3. I can be a mild exobishonist.
4. I have learned all my big vocab from Grumps. I try to come across smart. HA!
5. I have conversations in my head and sometimes I think I have said them out loud.
6. Sex isn't my favorite thing in the world.
7. Tivo is!
8. I broke it off with every guy I dated except for one, The NERD and I actually broke his heart first.
9. Instead of buying clothes and spending too much on them, I spend too much on junk at the grocery store.
10. My students have told me to pull up my pants because they can see my butt. HA!
11. I have traveled to at least 15 countries.
12. Dinner food for breakfast ROCKS!
13. Itsy sleeps with us.
14. I have an addictive personality. It is scary sometimes.
15. I lie sometimes to make others feel good, Grumps included.
16. My dream job is to be a greeter at Walmart, "Welcome to Walmart, Have a nice day!"
17. or a bartender or waitress.
18. I will watch any movie even if it is awful. I have to finish it.
19. I was never grounded as a kid. I always tried to please even now.
20. I could eat pizza everyday until it gives me the runs.
21. I love talking about myself. HA!
22. I hate asking others questions about themselves. If the conversation doesn't flow, then I give up.
23. I can live in filth for a long time.
24. I have worn the same bra without being washed since I bought it the day after Thanksgiving. YUCK! But it is the only one that fits.
25. I HATE making decisions.

Monica I made it to 25. I can't get to 40 tonight. If I had given myself more time I could have. Maybe I will add the rest tomorrow. But the red wine has given me a headache and Grumps has long since gone to bed. Thank you for tagging me!

Who shall I tag next? I am not going to do just one. Iris (unless you did this already), Big Pissy, Joanne, and Hot Lips. There I have gotten a nice variety. Have fun!

o.k. I'm willing to TRY to do this. But what are the rules? do I have to come up with 25? :)
or 40? :(
Okay...I did it. Not easy, but it's done! I've seen someone who did this with 100 things. Crazy!! This was hard enough.
You are supposed to come up with 40 things about yourself. Monica could only get 20. You decide how many you want. :)

I will come back to add the rest of mine later.
Good job Sunny!!!! You are witty!! What are you talking about. And there was lots I didn't know.

Actually Joanne did a questions answer thing on her blog and I said I'd do it. The title was 40 things, but there were really only 20. I thought I'd try it. So I got started and then when I posted, it all got lost or deleted or something!!! So I changed it to 20 facts about me!!! MUCH easier.
Great job! Way fun! If I had a blog, i would do it too....but I don't, yet, so :)
I am right there with you on several of those things....being a pleaser, pizza 24/7, a little lyin' to make someone feel good, the boyfriend breakup, and learning vocab from my husband! How funny! I'm just a readin' and I'm thinkin' "oh, I do that....oh, me too..." :)
One I can't do, however, is live in filth. Sorry, but this girl's gotta have a clean house with everything in it's "home". :)
Hey sunny! It's city girl here. I finally got a blog, but city girl was taken....so I'm city penguin instead. I have a lotta work to do to get my blog looking cute like your's, but I'm up for the challenge! please visit me!
Challenge met.
Honestly...your list made me laugh out loud and have to wince with fear that I'd woken Baby Buddha more than once. The bra one is hysterical! Nothing like honesty!
Buddha girl thanking you for dropping by. I am glad I gave you a little laugh. I am nothing but honesty!!! :)

Hot Lips you rock with your list. I have to sit down and read it again to see what shocked me the most. :) I am also going to take up your challenge and finish my list. HA!

City Penguin I have to clarify something, it isn't really filth that I live in. I like things clean but the clutter is a big problem. So I should say that I live in clutter. My floors are gross right now though. UGH never enough time!
Great list Sunny!!
The things you can learn about a person. :)
Girl! I knew what you meant! :) I am the same with clutter! I can only live with it for a couple of days at a time! Then it's got to go! :)
Hope I didn't offend you before!
Ha! Offend me, NEVER! I had just thought about that word, filth and thought, I know some people who live in filth and they are really gross. HA!
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