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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Lack of Lost

Here K and I sit watching America’s Next Top Model. I have had a little too much rum.

Grumps left 45 minutes ago letting us know that we were watching something that appeals to our basest instincts. He is just missing out on the fun that is America’s Next Top Model.

They’ve done some weird things to everyone’s hair including Tyra’s. She looks like she escaped from the touring company of Grease with her pompadour. The two finalists have messy, frizzy hair. And are wearing sacks. And Nik needs a bra.

There is a pre-operative transsexual who has ‘guided’ the girls to the finals. S/he has a flowered hat, pink shirt, and tie on. S/he looks like a cross between Leave It to Beaver’s mom and dad.

If you haven’t been watching, you’ve missed out on lots of drama, bad acting in commercials (‘duplicate flawlessly!’), and London, baby!

The winner is…

(K thinks Nik is going to win and I think that Nicole will win.)

Now we’ve having the ‘This is the greatest experience of my life, even if I don’t win’ speeches complete with quivering lip.

And I am right. Excuse me when I dance around K’s living room. *composes self*

Thank you K for typing and getting my thoughts down since the rum impaired my typing!

DAMN! I missed it!

I've only seen a few of the episodes on "marathons" but Little Pissy is a huge fan and I've read a lot about it on the gossip blogs.

I'm glad Nicole won. She's soooo pretty.

Wonder where she'll end up? Is there another "Brady Boy" available? Maybe Adrian Curry could hook them up! :)
I love that show. I know it's a sickness, but I do. LOL
I'm SO glad that Nicole won. She just had way more composure. Yay!
wish I had the rum that you had. Sounds like a fun night. :)
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