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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Little Words

I am a huge word person. I use them like crazy. I make them up! I talk nonstop and can pull anything out of my butt to talk about. I do not have a problem with words.

Now Grumps on the other hand has a problem. He doesn't know when and where to use them. He doesn't realize the power behind words.

Today we decided to go to Chick-fil-A for breakfast. We both had just woke up. He puts on a hat. I moved my hair around and put some hairspray in it. I didn't think I looked that bad. I also put on a big sweatshirt so that I didn't have to straight jacket myself *wink!

First Grumps lets me know that I am sagging.

Second we get to Chick-fil-A and he says, "Nice hair." My head spun around like a freak. I couldn't believe my ears. Then he adds to the damage, "Nice bedhead." I flipped a lid and call him an insensitive pig. Boy did that hurt his feelings. The tables were turned and I was now the bad guy.

He doesn't realize the power of the words he said. This week I have had my little issues. The issue of drugs flowing through my veins that make everything about me a freak of nature. You would think one who loves you so dearly would handle you a little bit more tenderly. You would think one would try to be sensitive.

NOPE! He thought he was being funny!


I tried to leave you a comment earlier when I first read this post but I was experiencing technical difficulties :( So, now I'm gonna try again...
Whoa! I went to your link about the drug you have to take. As we say down here in the South: Bless your heart!
As for Grumps and what he said...he probably doesn't even realize he upset you. Sweet Man is one of the smartest men I know (he's teaches at 2 colleges -1 full-time, 1 part-time)yet he can also be one of the most CLUELESS men I know. As you said, MEN!
Hang in there! :)
Thank you super much! Grumps truly didn't know but man, you would think he would just get it sometimes. :)
You are so welcome! Sometimes it's that whole "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" thing and there's just nothing we can do.... :)
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