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Sunday, December 11, 2005


Today we went to the movies to see The Chronicles of Narnia. It was a wonderful movie full of great acting, special effects and a moving story. It is a movie to go see in the theater. I actually wasn't all that excited about seeing it. I am glad I went. I loved the children in the movie. They were just beautiful and real.

But I have decided that the only good thing about a theater is the popcorn and that hasn't been all that great these days. We didn't get to go to the good theater with nice big seats. We went to the old theater near our house. The seats were uncomfortable and tight. I felt a little dirty just thinking about the millions who had put there butt right where mine was.

Besides that my biggest issue is the noise. I HATE NOISES. I can't stand listening to big fat hands rummaging through the popcorn bag. I hate the candy wrappers. The smacking. THE NOISE! It drives me to no end. Don't people realize just how noisy they are? How rude they sound? No manners at all. UGH!

Finally, when you are at home you can pause the movie to go pee or rewind what you missed. I just need a popcorn and soda machine at my house to make it perfect!

Fellow movie goers know how loud and annoying they are~they just don't care!
Unless its a really big special effect movie (i.e. War of the Worlds) I wait for the DVD to come out.
Like you said, its nice to have the comforts of home..... :)
RIGHT ON! I feel the same way - can't stand the noise and I definitely a movie popcorn maker and butter dispenser at HOME. I think I only go the movies for the popcorn! :)
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