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Friday, December 09, 2005

The Perfect Nosy Person's Read

I am home today. SNOW SNOW and more ICE! I am catching up on tv, grading, and blogs.

As I was searching through blogs I found the perfect blog if you love to be nosy. I linked it from the beginning. This man blogs about his affair and how it has messed up his life. I read from now until the beginning. Man he is so wrapped up in this woman. He has given up his life for her. He can't let her go.

I felt like I was watching a good movie during my little read. If you aren't nosy, you will think that this was a waste of time. But if you are like me and love good dirt, here it is!

Tell me what you think!

I just read a few entries. Eek. It's like watching an accident.
Oh, I have one of those. It is this girl that's still in love with her ex husband who is dating her ex best friend. You gotta go read it from the beginning. Let me go dig up the link to it for you.
Yes J it is like watching an accident. I couldn't stop reading.

Hot Lips I for sure need a good drama read. :) Find that link for me!
Wow. I just read it. Weird to hear/read a guy's perspective on an affair (not that I have personally heard/read a woman's...just read too many books I guess). He is psycho crazy about 'her'. I wonder if he really loves her or is in love with the idea of loving her or if it's now a habit to 'love' her, miss her, think about her, etc...
Yeah I thought all of that when I first bumped into it. He did a great job getting his thoughts out there. I do feel sorry for him. She has drug him along and he so fell for it. I want more details during those one entry months. I want details on the leaving the wife part. I am a SUCKER for someone else's drama!
yeah...how did he meet her? did I miss that? (I tend to 'skim' when I'm really into reading something!) Do feel sorry for him...he is...wrapped around her finger (for lack of a better way to describe it)...hypnotized, maybe? Surprised he didn't disclose more about her looks...he seems the type that would... since she is the 'hottest thing on two legs...'
You got it so right! I would love to see a picture of the guy. It sounds like he is attractive but... WAY too desperate!
Sunny, you are a very bad person for showing me that website. I'm sitting on my hands to keep myself from commenting on his blog. I give myself another week before I butt in and start telling him how to run his life. Oh well.

Here is the blog I mentioned. Unlike this guy, she's a much longer read, so you are going to have to start this mess one day when you have plenty of time.

I am so excited Hot Lips!

I know what you mean about sitting on your hands. I so wanted to comment but I felt like I couldn't. Know what I mean. It was strange reading it. It is like reading someone's diary. Anyhoo, can't wait to read up!
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