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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Road Rage

Here is what you all have been waiting for. But now that I am out of the moment of the rage, it might not be all that good.

I have a little issue. ROAD RAGE. I don't curse. I don't slam my breaks. I don't yell out my window. I don't flip the bird. But I do get upset and a little ugly.

I live in a very busy part of the good ole USA! I grew up in a very small slow world. I never had to worry about traffic or getting to where I needed to be in a good time. In fact I had to worry about driving real slow as not to get pulled over by Barney Phife (I am too lazy to look up his name right now).

My little commute isn't all that long. Some people around here drive over an hour each way to get to where they need to go in very slow, bumper to bumper traffic. I have a straight shot to work. 30 minutes on a normal day. 20 minutes on a really good day, not hitting one red light. And VERY LONG on a bad day.

I used to leave early in order to guarantee that I would get to work on time. That got real old so now I leave, just in time. I really mean, just in time. If anything goes slightly wrong, I am late. You say, "Being late is okay once in a while." Not if you are a teacher. Someone has to be there when the kids arrive.

So when I drive, I pretend I am on a race track. My goal is to be the first in line. I swerve. I move. I work hard to get in front. I gun it. I drive very fast. I am BAD! But what gets me when others don't play my game. They think the opposite. Let's drive real slow and enjoy our drive to work. WRONG!

Around here yellow lights aren't to slow down, they are to speed up. I know that is very backwards to many of you but it is true. When it is a green light, you don't go through it nice and slow. The millions of cars behind you will never make it through. YOU GUN IT! Put the pedal to the metal. So when people don't do these simple things I freak out. You also don't leave a mile between you and the car in front of you. That leaves a nice little place for cars to get in front of you, therefore putting you further and further at the end of the line of cars.

Some days on my drive home, which is usually worse, I just about have a melt down. I grip the wheel. I yell. I call a friend to help me calm down. I will even try to distract myself from the madness, my iPod! There is almost nothing worse when you want to be home but you are in non moving traffic.

All that said to tell you my little story from yesterday. I really blew up!

I was on my way home from work. It was snowing but it wasn't even sticking to the ground. Not even slush. I was still in my school neighborhood. I come to a nice two way stop. (By the way, I am on the phone with Grumps.) I stop. The two cars coming towards me stop at their stop sign. I look both ways and slowly proceed through. I hear a honk. I then see a gray car coming from my right. I hadn't even gotten a foot past the stop sign. The car was in my blind spot, the snow was coming down and the gray was blending in with the sky. SO I stop. When the car passed I moved across the street. I start to pass the second car who was across the street when she rolls down her window. I recognize her, a mom from school. I start to stop and roll mine down when she gives me an ugly look and races off. I, being a positive kind thinker, thought she needed help or to tell me something. NOPE, she wanted to give me a piece of her mind.

WHAT DID I DO WRONG? I WAS HoT! I mean really hot. How dare she roll down her window to get ugly. We are in a school neighborhood where everyone knows everyone. What point was she going to make? Don't talk on your phone? IT IS SNOWING, pay attention? WHATEVER! I would have done the same thing if it wasn't snowing. The car that I didn't see had a speed bump. It was going just as slow as I was. Here is what I am thinking. The reason she gunned her car when I started to slow down was that she recognized me. I know her little face. I can't wait to see her at school and smile.

TICKED OFF!!!!! For the rest of my drive home, remember I had only been driving 1 minute into my trip, I wasn't very happy.

If you ever see me on the road, just know that I mean business. I don't drive reckless or dirty. I drive with a mission and a course of action.

Ohhhhhhhh, I can't wait to see what City Girl has to say about this! Maybe y'all live in the same city~heh heh heh!!
And what was up with that mom? pre-menstrual maybe?
Oh I actually saw that mom today in the clinic. I don't think she saw me but now I know whose teacher her kid is. I am going to go take a little visit to that classroom. HA!

Maybe we do live in the same city!
Can you imagine what it would be like to have that kid in your class!?!?!
I don't know...is it HUGE, southern and famously traffic clogged??? :)
Oh good grief! That could be MY post (minus the incident with the bitchy mom)! I live like that everyday! People don't understand that you can't take off of work whenever you feel like it, take a long lunch to get your hair done, or, for goodness sake, leave your house 3 minutes late and wind up in the worst traffic of your life all because you have to be at work at the freakin' crack of dawn and be June Cleaver to a bunch of sleepy children!!!
I do the same thing. My own private bitch session most everyday either on the way to work or the way home. I have a 30 minute commute, too...well in the mornings at least. Coming home, well that's another story.
I tend to call big pissy (as I did only a few hours ago) on my way home to bitch about the slllooowww traffic (and usually the random thing my behavior issue kids did that day!).
I need to get my iPod reprogrammed with the stations so I can get back to using my Pod and iTrip in the car. I am currently resorting to my Christmas CD's (which are supposed to be used to calm down my class kids...not me!!!).
With bitchy mom...If you're like me, you are too nice to say anything to that mom, but will, instead give her dirty looks behind her back and be sugary sweet to her face, hoping she notices and feels much guilt! :)
Happy driving and keep the iPod playing! Good Luck!
City girl you are so me!!! What grade do you teach? Me second. I know that those who I call hate me during my commute home. All I do is yell and complain.

Big Pissy I know the city you are thinking about. Nope I used to live there. Now I live in more Northern country. People think we this is the South but nope. It is Big city North, a HUGE melting pot!

City Girl, I will think about you on my drive home tomorrow. You for sure need your iPod in the car.
Ha ha ha... I only laugh as I am a Road Rage Psycho Bitch too....
I teach 1st grade. This is my 4th year. I love what I do--most every day! There are just those days, especially the ones near certain holidays when the weather is cold and rainy and you can't have recess, that drive you to drink! CHEERS! :)
City girl, I used to teach 1st. I taught first for 4 years. I have am on 3rd year teaching 2nd. I am not sure if I love what I do but it is a job. I am so right there with you with the CHEERS!

Happy Hump Day!
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