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Friday, December 30, 2005

Small Towns and Memory Lane

I grew up living in small towns all throughout the South. I would run into people that I knew all the time. I knew who lived in what house, who drove what car. It is amazing how life is so connected in a small town.

For the past 4 years Grumps and I have been living in a big city. It is a first for me. Life is just sooo different. I don't ever run into anyone. I only know my close neighbors. The only cars I recognize are those that I commute with, love personal tags.

Over Christmas Grumps and I spent the holidays with my family in one of those small towns. It amazed me how nothing changes including people . I could buy really nice things for next to nothing. We could sell our townhouse and purchase a HUGE home there. I also realized that I don't miss small town life.

On our way home we decided to drive through the college where we met. We first went through the small town. It was just ugly and run down. Or maybe it was always like that but my worldview has changed. Then we stopped by our first apartment. Man memories were so there but boy did they look awful now. We continued down memory lane with a stop at the college.

That is where it all started. We walked up the steps that we used to sit on for hours talking about life. We walked up to the waterfall that we have TONS of pictures. I didn't miss the feelings that were brought to the surface.

Finally we finished our trek home. It was fun going down memory lane but I really love my life now. I wouldn't change a thing!

I hope I didn't bore you with my rambles too much!

You and City Penguin need to talk! She feels the same way, I think :)

Beautiful waterfall!!!

Glad you made it home safe!
Thanks. That is the waterfall from our college. The college if falling apart but the waterfall continues to stay beautiful and untouched!
Lovely post, Sunny! A

s BP said, I do know how you feel. I just made it to my first city life experience 4 years ago as well and I love it! It was always a childhood dream, as we drove through this city to visit our relatives for the holidays, I remember looking out the window with my forehead pressed against it, telling myself that one day, I would live there. And here I am. Loving EVERY SINGLE minute of it!

It is neat to go home though, and see where/how it all started. To see how you have changed/grown up maybe. To assure you that you have 'expanded your horizons' so to speak. I also think that it's cool that you and Grumps knew each other in that setting. Z is a city boy so he LOVES the drive home through the country settings and small towns--to me, it's just home, I guess.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It reminded me of the ones I have had very recently, only you put them in words very nicely! :)
Thank you Penguin. :)
Reminds me of the tiny town I grew up in too. Sometimes Big D and I have the same thoughts, of selling our house and "upgrading" in a smaller town. I don't know. There are pros and cons to both, I think.

Enjoyed your thoughts.
The thought of upgrading quickly left my mind when I thought about everyone I had to live with and what I had to live without. I would just rather live in a tiny place with lots to do. Priorities. HA!
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