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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Still Here

I am still here! I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth just yet.

We are still with my family in the deep South. We have decided to stay an extra day. I had to promise Grumps that I would clean the house and put away the Christmas junk on Friday without complaining. :)

We have had a great time. Not any fights or unkind words. Now my parents have been super short with each other and my little sister has added to that. I just sit back and hold my tongue.

Itsy has been a good dog. She has tried to be bad but has won everyone's hearts.

I am in desperate need of some quiet time. Right now Grumps, my mom and little sis are doing Karaoke. HA! I am in even more desperate need of a drink.

I am ready to get back to normal and visit with you more! I have missed being nosy! Oh but I did find my favorite nosy blog again, the affair guy. I have changed the link as well. Come on and be nosy with me!

Hey there...yes, from Argentina. I totally know what you mean about holding your tongue. It's been that way for me the whole time I have been here, but I can't meddle...Can't wait to tell you more...but can't right now. D is sitting beside me reading over my shoulder from time to time.
I thought of you as I typed that. I am glad you are holding it tight. It is hard not meddling. :)

I can't wait to hear more!
NO ONE held their tongue at Pissy's place~ heh heh! But it all worked out in the end! :)
Big P I am glad! There have been times when I didn't hold my tongue. Things worked out but not as easy as it would have been if I had kept my mouth and looks to my self. :) I hope you are having fun!
Sunny: I AM having a good time, thanks! Tempers flared at my house somewhat the first or second day of the girls being home....guess we had to get it out of our systems... :)
oh yeah. tempers flared all right. definitely got over it, though. we always do. something about 3 women set in their ways...not always nice! I have GOT TO learn to hold my tounge!!! It has a mind of it's own!!!
Glad you are enjoying your family. It is such a special time for that!
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