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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Blog Bothers

I still have my addiction issues. I have been shuffling through blogs left and right. I am always looking for a new read. But nothing has really blown my socks off. In fact all I find is annoying blogs or rather, blogging habits.

*I hate big long paragraphs that run on and on without any breaks. When I see a huge chunk of words I get overwhelmed and just move on. Break up your thoughts into paragraphs to help readers like me.

*Don't go on and on. Get to the point and move on. A post that I have to scroll on and on loses me.

*I stink at spelling but I at least use the lovely spell check tool that is provided for us here at blogspot. I know many of you want to be real and uncandid so you don't check your spelling. But it really throws me off. All I see is that misspelled word over and over again.

*Punctuation is a MUST, so are grammar rules.

*Let it all hang out! This is a must to keep my attention.

Yes, I know that no one writes for me. HA! I know that each and every blog is different and about that person. I just want you to know why I don't read your blogs.

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