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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Cheers From the Crowd!

It is an early night but guess what?

A bottle of wine...

Grumps 4 beers...

Itsy loving the paper towels...

Less than 3 more weeks of 'drugs'...

You would be so proud!

It was very good!

Glad you had a good night! Itsy and paper towels!?!? Silly pup, paper towels are for hands, not paws!!! :)

Z and I had an early one, too. We picked up a pizza from our favorite little pizza joint, grabbed some beer (for him, cider for me) and some Ben & Jerry's. YUM!

We had a night of Titanic. Yep, it's been forever since I had seen it! We recently got the collector's edition with all of the deleted scenes and 'making of the movie' stuff. It was fun!
Now Grumps has got to buy you something...

It is only fair.
Well the paper towel kept Itsy busy while we got busy!

Hot Lips we went out and bought me some shoes today. Not shoes that you would wear but that are totally comfortable. Crocs!
Yipee! For the "homerun" and for the new shoes.
And why wouldn't I wear them?
Not sassy at all, just comfy!
I'm down with comfort.
Well than you need a pair of Crocs.
Crocs are a brand? Let me google and see...
I have red crocs. Z calls them my 'Ronald McDonald' Shoes or my "Red Rubber Rain Shoes". He thinks they are hilarious! I think they're super comfy. I wear them to work on fridays.
Ah yes, rubber clogs. I have often wondered about these shoes. For the longest time I would see them in a store and just assume they were gardening shoes. But then I kept seeing them everywhere and decided they must be for more than gardening. But I don't understand. Do you wear socks? I half think you don't because of the holes all over and half think you do because without socks in those rubber things it would have to get mighty sweaty and slippery up in there. So please, explain these shoes to me. Where do you wear them, with what and for how long. Thank you.
I wear them to work or around town. Your feet don't sweat. They stay warm and all. I do wear them with socks though because it is cold out.

I just went and bought a pair without holes at Dicks sporting goods. Black ones. My other pair have holes and they are tan.

They feel better than slippers.

So I wear my sexy boots one day and then I give my feet a rest with my Crocs the next day. I want a brown pair but they didn't have my size.
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