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Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Goal Forgotten

Yes, I used the word goal in hopes of actually accomplishing it.

I want to read more. I have this huge pile of books beside my bed. I need to read them. I need to spend less time watching TiVo, God forbid and less time on my laptop.

Grumps bought me a iHome for my iPod for a reason. Not just be woken up in the morning to my favorite songs but to also listen to music in bed. I usually have the tv on ALL the time when I am in bed using my ghettomatic. In fact I just turned the tv off and turned the music (Peter Cetera is rocking the house right now!)

I need to READ in bed!

Because I just finished a book I am trying to decide what should be my next read. Look at my list and tell me which would be your pick.

I have a big problem with making decisions. I think I should post something about that one of these days! Here is my reminder to myself!

Sorry. I left the wrong comment on the other post. Oopps! good luck with the journal. You should definately do it!
I was a little confused for a sec but that is okay. :) You know everytime I see your little person with your comment I smile. It is so funny!
Ah yes. I hear ya. I've got the pile beside my bed as well, begging to be read. Instead, I look at blogs and check my e-mail. :)
That is what I do myself. HA! I did read a bit last night before bed but of course fell fast asleep. Too much computer time.
Don't worry. I'll make your decisions for you.

What are we deciding today?
What to buy my mom for her birthday? Knives, china platter, gift card to clothing store? Or a better idea. :)
China platter.

Next decision?

I will have to think about what I need to decide next. HA!
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