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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hot Lips Pick of the Month

Not too long ago I ran into a blog that filled my need to be nosy. The next thing you know, Hot Lips gives me another one.

I read and read this blog for hours. She is quite long-winded. She is also very confused, putting it nicely.

She is divorced. At the time of my read, she was living with a man who proposed. But here is where it gets good. She is still in love with her ex, the father of her two kids. She doesn't shut up about him. Hours and hours about how much she loves him and wants him back. Finally her boyfriend gets fed up and leaves. She is left with noone. But her boyfriend wants her back and her ex begins to play games.

All of a sudden, the ex is wanting her like crazy, but not. Crazy stuff. It looks like just when he wants her, she decides to give it a shot with her ex. She is now ending her blog.

I don't know why I am giving her 'air time' on my blog. I guess it is so Hot Lips and I can comment away about her crazy self.

Seriously, don't waste your time reading every detail. It is worth a quick skim. I just found the ex's blog. He is ending his blog too. Hot Lips is that worth reading?

You forgot the part where the ex husband has been living with her ex best friend.

I think the ex's site is worth a read. It is really best when you read it and hers along together. So you get the he said/she said.

He's fairly articulate, but lost in the whole "but I love her" bullshit that just makes me want to shake him.

But really, after reading his blog, I made a 180, from kind of feeling sorry for her and believing that Carrie was a crazy liar to realizing she's the attention obsessed dysfunctional fruitloop. I feel sorry for Tony, I really do. But, God, these guys are so dumb.

And oh yeah, she's deaf.
Oh I never really felt sorry for her. Okay maybe at the beginning. But the way she treated T and knowing that he was reading her blog all along just ticks me.

If you want to talk about your ex and how much you love him while living with someone, do it so that the someone can't read it.

She is also so stupid flippy. Going wanting her ex to wanting T to wanting both to wanting none. ATTENTION! Have you noticed how many times her blog has been hit? Crazy number for it being so boring.

I wonder if she really will put her blog to a rest.

How does her family put up with her?

Why didn't you ever comment on hers telling her off? I always wondered that. And, what do you think she did to cause her marriage to fall a part? She said that it was mainly her fault.
She cheated on him. While he was in Iraq.

I never commented because up until tonight as far as I can tell she was moderating.

I always thought she was a dumb twat for giving both B and T the addy to her blog. Attention starved whore.

And did you pick up on how she allllwaaayyyyss said (or typed actually) brought, instead of bought? That drove me bat shit.

I brought the boys matchbox cars for christmas. I brought a gallon of milk. I brought some film.

Jeez, you guys are harsh... =O
You need to go read up! You would be harsh too. :)
You thought that was harsh? I must be losing my edge.
I'm confused. She lives in Michigan and he lives WHERE? She keeps referring to "going up there" in her last letter to him (today's post (his), I think).

could one of y'all give me a condensed version? I don't want to read all that shit and y'all have already done the work...haha!!!

Oh, Sunny! New tv tonight! That new Heather Graham show: "Emily's Reasons Why Not" (love the title) and that John Stamos show (he's so cute). the Bachelor-Paris, begins tonight.....don't know if you're a Bachelor fan...City is...:)
I know so much tv that I am going crazy!!! LOVE the Bachelor!

Hot Lips you need to give Big P the details.
Ooooh...the bachelor is on tonight. So, it's huge news around here. Our small Canadian city has a chick on the show. Apparantly she is the last one coming out of the limo tonight. Gotta love the 'peg!!
I can't wait to see that girl!
The ex is posting again...have you seen it?
Oh I will have to go check this out later today. :)
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