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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I miss GOOD TV

I am at a loss without tv right now. I know that I said I wanted to read more. That doesn't mean that I read all night, just right before I go to bed.

I am so desperate for some tv that I have been tivoing the crazyiest things.

The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off from Discovery Health. Yeah not sure what got into me there. Maybe it was because the beginning just caught me. I saw the boy dead. I couldn't stop watching. I have yet to finish it though. The boy/man's (He was 35) voice just freaks me out.

Huddini's Life Story (or whatever the title was and correct spelling, it is deleted) on the History Channel. Grumps was pretty amazed by that one. I wanted to know secrets. Not much given.

I also have been tivoing random tv movies, Devil's Pond. No clue!

I miss good tv. At least tonight there is a new CSI! Tivoing so I can watch commercial free. That is a whole nother (yeah I am from the South, SHUT UP!) post in itself.

I should just go to sleep so that I can stop thinking about food and how tired my body is right now! No, I really should go check on Grumps and the laundry. Nah! I think he has it covered.

TV sucks right now! I just read blogs instead.

Somebody stop me, please! My eyes are burning and blurry.

Bring back good TV!
I'm with y'all. I miss "LOST"! I'm starting to go into withdrawal....
I know what you mean. I have spent so much time on the computer that at night my head hurts. I have had to just stop and then veg out with something stupid like, The boy whose skin fell off.

Okay it wasn't stupid, just creepy. Hopefully my Netflix will arrive today!
Yeah, I get like that too (the head thing)...but I'm so addicted!
I need some good TV to save me!
I never even really read much anymore~w/ the exception of People, TV Guide and In Touch :)
I'm with you all on the lows of TV viewing these days. I have resorted to reliving "Friends" and "Sex & the City" on DVD.

Z says that if he hears theme songs from either one of those shows again, he's gonna start making me watch movies from his beloved "Criterion" selection (which can be good, but they're mostly old black and whites and I can only handle them in small doses!!!)
You are so funny. I am actually watching Veronica Mars Season 1 right now on DVD. Gotta love Netflix!
Z keeps talking about Netflix. I think we need to start doing that. We are ALWAYS late turning in rentals at blockbuster. And it's SO expensive now to rent DVD's! So Netflix is worth it, huh? We'll have to give it a try!
I have tried both Blockbuster online and Netflix. During the summer I do both. HA! But I found that Blockbuster sends problem dvds and also wrong ones. Netflix is quick and has a great variety especially with tv shows. WORTH the money.

Go for it!
Thanks, Sunny! We'll give it a try! Z has been talking about it alot lately. He especially likes the fact that it is delievered to you and (I think) there is not an issue of a movie being checked out or whatever. He'll be happy to know that I now know someone who does it and has had a great experience with it!!! :)
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