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Monday, January 23, 2006

Little Boys

As a teacher I get to see all sides of children. I see each child in a different light than their parents. They always amaze me.

I have one little boy who loves to sit very close to me when I am reading or talking to the kids. He rubs his hand all over my shoe or up my boot. Okay that sounds dirty but it isn't. He is being so sweet just quietly sitting there. I believe he has a secret crush on me.

I don't think he will sit as close to anymore. I stepped on his finger today in my black pointy boots.

Last year I had a little boy who always gave me eyes when he talked or read a story to the class. Not only did he have a crush on me, but also on his mom. It was way too cute. Tuesday I got an email from him. "I miss you soooooooooooooooooo much!"

It is so cute how these little 7 and 8 year old boys learn to flirt and 'love' a woman. One little boy, from my math class last year, smiles so big everytime he sees me. Man, it sure starts at an early age.

But I do love it!

Love this post. It is so true. Reminded me of one of my little guys from last year. He was/is so precious. Right now he doesn't have any front teeth so that makes him even more adorable. Last year as a Christmas gift he gave me "water". Yes, he bought water enough for one family for one year in Haiti. I boohooed when I opened that gift. How precious is that? I haven't stopped thinking about it for all of 2005. It went so much further than all of those little dollar store ornaments or mugs that you often get as a teacher at Christmas. It just stuck with me. So, this Christmas I gave him a Christmas picture card of myself and wrote a thank you to him and his family. The next day he came to give me a Christmas picture card of his family, but he was too shy so a friend came in and gave it to me. Too cute. Love those little boys.
yeah, it's cool how we look at all of our students. very different from their parents, I'm sure.

And what's up with that rubbing shoe, boot, leg thing!?!? I have some that do that, too! Boys and girls! I don't quite get it.
Iris that is the best story ever! You have so many good ones. You should send them to Reader's Digest or right a book about teaching.

City P I think it is because they just love us so or totally look up to us. We are so different to them than their parents. I really wonder what goes on in their heads when they are looking, rubbing and touching us. :)
What sweet stories! :)
Oh, my 1st grader has SO discovered girls/women. Al of a sudden... this year. He has girlfirneds and crushes and oh my goodness... A LOT for a mom to digest. Not ready for this!!!! Ha ha
That is too cute NWG! I do tell my little boys that they can't have a girlfriend unless they are ready to get married. That usually stops all that nonsense in my room. :)
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