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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Not in the Mood

I am just not in the mood these days to post anything earth chattering.

I have been reading other blogs and enjoy commenting but just don't have it in me to post myself.

My life is boring right now. Nothing great has come out of my brain. Nothing creative at all. I actually started posting about Friday's on Friday but I got sidetracked.

Don't hate me but I think everyone needs a good break. Don't go away forever either. I am sure something will come up soon enough!

I know how you feel...why I haven't commented much, and just posted once. Plus,if you're like me, you're more tired than normal getting back into the routine of work and got lots to do...
Not to change the subject or anything, but...did you ever read that blog about whose link I gave you back in the days when you found solo? You know the army wife? Did you read that by chance? If yes, I would like to discuss the latest developments with you.
^^^pretend that makes some sense^^^
Just don't go away from us, either! Keep visiting our blogs so we can stay in touch!

You'll get back in the goove soon! ( i just posted about this same problem last week!!! )
ps. Hey! new tv shows tonight!!!! I can't wait for Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy!!! :)

Happy TV Viewing!
Lots of bloggers have felt this same way lately....think its the end of holiday slump! And yea!!! Good TV tonight. and LOST comes back this week!!!!
Shut Up new tv tonight? I think I might just have to watch in real time. Now you have got my spirits up and running.

Thank you girls for making me feel wanted. HA!

Hot Lips I did read. I haven't read up since Christmas. I will have to go and catch up and we shall discuss. I will have to post about it and we can hash it out there. :)
Having you been or did you at all, read the boyfriend's blog?
I haven't read his until tonight. I saw where you commented.
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