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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Space Needed

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to crawl into a hole and stay for a while?

That would be today. It actually wasn't all that bad, it just wouldn't end. It continued to go on and on and drive me crazy. My kids were off the hook! A vicious cycle.

I decide to go home, make some soup and chill out. I just needed some space. I didn't want to go anywhere but my bed. Grumps had a dentist appointment and then work. I just needed to regroup in order to make it tomorrow.

As I am regrouping, Grumps comes home. He reminds me of my missed dentist appointment. How the dentist was disappointed and lets him know that if it happens again I can look for a new dentist. They have too many clients on a waiting list for me to just miss my appointment. Grumps just agrees and then because "he was so nice," Grumps that is, the dentist waved my missed appointment fee. Grumps was so happy. He was so happy that he wanted to make me feel so guilty for missing it in the first place.

All I needed was to hear it once. Oh no, at least 3 times Grumps recounts what the doctor said. I asked him if he explained why the appointment was missed. Nope, he just wanted it waived. I am sure he, meaning Grumps, agreed with the dentist and let him know how he will not let this happen again.

I didn't need a guilt trip. That is one thing I SOOOO have under control. Guilt is my middle name. I feel bad about everything. Grumps should know that. NOPE! So I sent him out of the room. He thought it was funny and didn't really have any sympathy. When I said that I had a bad day, he doesn't say anything and plays with the dog. Finally he comes back into the room to ask me why. By then I didn't want to see his little face.

UGH! All I asked for was space today. I let everyone know how bad I needed it. Why can't the one person that I live with respect that? Yes, he finally gave me space after I turned crazy and cried. Tears didn't seem to bother him.

I know I just talked about my little moment with Grumps. I love the man, but seriously, get a clue! Now that he is gone to work for the night, I have all the space that I want. But man I am in a really good mood now. HA!

Is Friday here yet?

I would have to tell that dentist to take a fucking hike. Fuck him. And his little spit cup.
Hmm.. sounds like the dentist has got some attitude. @@

I'm like you Sunny, I need my space. Have a restful night. :)
Uh, yeah...I'm with Hot Lips (as usual). Does that dentist know how many other dentists there are out there? He's not he only one who went to dental school~prick!

I think we all get like that sometimes...the space thing. :)
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Well I was going to delete this post but I guess I can't now that my girls have read. :)

I was just so ticked last night.

The dentist is super popular and busy. He has 200 people on a waiting list.

Anyhoo... I won't miss my next appointment since it is during my summer break. HA!
didn't blog at all last night due to my crappy day! I am TOTALLY with you on space. Z works late most evenings so I usually have a few hours of 'me time' before he gets home. Which is good for him, since otherwise I'd probably take his head off with one big bite!!!

Hope today (Wednesday) was better!

PS> CRAZY about the dentist! That's just weird to me!
Today was better. Grumps asked me tonight if I still loved him. HA! I told him "of course" I just don't need guilt ever. I am the hardest person on myself. I don't need any extra help.
Totally with ya on the space thing...when I was with Ch I stayed with him a week when I had my car in the shop. Well he wanted me right there with him when we were home at night, and that was NOT happening. I would go to his room to get some work done, and he would say stuff about when I get done we can do this, that , etc. If I took a while he would come and see if I was almost done.
I am soo excited that tonight I have nothing going on, and can come home and chill out by myself!!
I have had the same thing happen with me and my old dentist. I cancelled once b/c I was sick, and I was gonna have to pay anyway. He was old and kind of a flirt (ewww!), so I was like oh well...won't go back there again!
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