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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Word of the Day

The Word of the Day is:


I have decided that I will say this word over and over again everytime a negative thought comes my way! I am tired of being Negative Nancy these days. (Sorry if your name is Nancy. That is a great name!)

I was thinking about you, my domestic flight pulled in at the international terminal, my car was....apparently...in another city. 45 minutes of airport hiking one hour before your favorite team (go Horns!)plays in the Rose Bowl MUST be equivalent to Billy whatever his name is.
It's a good thing you apologized ahead of time. That whacked-out, easily offended chick is named Nancy! She'll be doing a post about YOU next!!!!
Oh Sunny, this doesn't sound like one bit of fun.
Hot Lips, this doesn't mean I can't be 'bad' at times. But my workplace is just so blah! I am at the point where I am miserable. So with positive thoughts, my day was way better. :)

Big P that is so funny about Nancy. HA!
That's why I told you to quit.
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