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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

American Idol: ACE

If you haven't watched American Idol this season or just don't really like that sort of thing you are totally missing out on something good.

I am not talking about good singers (there are many). I am not talking about the best songs (oh there were good ones). I am talking about one fine man.

Ace is the best looking man I have seen in a long time. He captivates you with his eyes. When he sang George Michael's song, Father Figure, he could have done all those things to me right then and there.

K and I watched him sing twice. I am sure I could have watched a few more time.

If you only watch AI for Ace, I PROMISE it will be worth your while over and over again. My plan is to have sweet dreams tonight. I even went to iTunes to add that song to my iPod. I plan to put it on repeat and put Ace's face to the music.

one word - haircut
Oh no, I like short haired guys but not this one! He looks GOOD with his hair when he sings.
I have to admit, he wasn't on my list of favorite singers, however he did an awesome job tonight and the boy is hot.. I love the hair.. Who wants geek short hair on men.. It's time to get back to the updated 80's long curls on guys!!! Yummie.. I have to admit I love Tyler.. I don't know what it is but I was squeeling and my husband was mad.. hahaha
Sunny, you are right. Ace is all that and more. The way Ryan Seacrest had him do that intense look again after he sang. MmmmmMmmmm. Love the hair.

Newfie Girl, I also agree with you. I was squeeling and cheering and everything when Tyler sang and talked to the judges and Ryan Seacrest afterwards. He's just that old soul that gets my heart everytime.
Oh I loved how Ryan and Tyler ended his little thing. I like him but he so needs to be made over.

Oh Ace is just mmmmmmm good. K and I were talking about all the things we could do with him. or do to him. HA!
Sunny, you are a dirty old woman.

You are really coming around!
Sunny! I'm shocked! Have you been hangin around with Hot Lips again?!?!?!? hee hee ;-)

I missed Ace. but I'd heard that he'd be a crown pleaser for the ladies due to his "look". I'll be sure to watch for him =)
Yes, you know I do have a bad side sometimes. :)
Good! Everybody should have one! ;-)
I love the hair too! And hot he is!! I missed his singing this week though, I'll tune in next week.
I am a sick bitch. I am IN LOVE with this kid. I have dirty thoughts about him. Tisk Tisk! ;)
He can be my daddy every once in awhile, but I'll have to hide our forbidden lust from Honey.
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