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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Falling Off the Face of the Earth

I am sorry that it seems I have fallen off the face of the earth. Way too much has been going on here.

First, I finished my resume and cover letter. I even talked to my current boss. You will be super proud of me since I just emailed it to my hope to be future employer.

Second, I received news over the weekend pertaining to my mother in law's health. It wasn't good news. Grumps was out of town therefore I didn't tell him until he got home. My mind has been consumed.

Finally, we are leaving on Friday to visit Grump's family. It is his grandmother's 90th birthday. We are all meeting, including his mom and dad to celebrate. I just spent 4 hours shopping for pick me ups for his mom and dad and thank you gifts for those we are staying with.

I have no time. I haven't checked blogs in days. I knitted a scarf for Grump's mom. I also have to make her a cozy bag tomorrow. Something she could get into and wrap herself up in just like a big hug when she is down.

Now that my time has run out, I say "Good-bye" until next week. I hope I haven't missed anything major. I sure do miss being nosy!

I wondered what was going on with you...

I'm so sorry to hear that Grumps' mom is in poor health. I'm sure a visit from y'all will perk her up :) And aren't you sweet to make her gifts! I'm sure she'll love them.

Good for you re: the resume, etc. Yea!!!

Take care on your trip. I'll look for you next week!

Take care Sunny. I hope all ends up being well with your MIL.
Take good care of each other.
Hang in there with everything Sunny! You have definitely been busy! Glad that you got your resume and cover letter done :) I'll keeo my fingers crossed for you :) You guys be careful with the traveling this weekend. I'll keep you guys in my prayers. We'll miss ya until you get back! :)
p.s. I agree with Pissy...how sweet of you to do that stuff mor the MIL and the thank you gifts :)

Are you going all the way to Canada?

You do sound busy and good for you with sending out your resume. I'm sure you'll get good news.

Sorry to hear about grumps' mom.

Who knew you could knit?

Hot Lips
And the scarf pics are where? Mine are up on the business blog now :)

Sunny, you are the BEST dil. Seriously. It's obvious how much you care about her and it will make her feel great!! It will also be a comfort and pick me up for Grumps too.

Have a good safe trip.
My goodness you're a busy girl! So sorry to hear about Grumps' mom! Hope things get better real soon! It is so great that you guys are able to take time off to go see her--that will mean so much to her!!! Be safe traveling!!!

PS> YAY on the resume!!! :)
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