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Friday, March 03, 2006

Head Problem

I am embarrassed. I have an itchy scalp. The itchy is now turning into white flakes.

I have thin, fine hair. I NEVER have scalp issues. I had to actually go out and by scalp shampoo.

Anyone else have a head problem?

I'm not trying to be an ass, I swear I'm not. But maybe it is lice? Have grumps check. I only say that because you work at a public elementary school.

Otherwise, have you changed hair products lately?
You are too funny. I promise that it isn't lice. That is a teacher's greatest fear. But I know dandruff when I see it.

I have had the same hair products for the past couple of months. I believe that the new shampoo and the cold weather don't like my head. I have the nice medicated shampoo to try tomorrow.
City has that problem sometimes and she has really thick curly hair...she uses mostly Aveda products.

What about your water? Is it hard or soft? Has it changed lately?
Not sure about my water. It is pretty much in the middle. Grumps isn't here to help me with that answer.

I am using salon products, all different kinds.

I am looking forward to my Neutragena Tgel tomorrow. I thought about using it tonight but I am just too lazy.
I was going to suggest Aveda too...good thought, Big Pissy! Violette uses all of their products and loves them.
I will have to go and look and see what my shampoo is. It is thickening stuff. Kentra is my hairspray, yummy smelling. Matrix thickening gel. Some kind of paste.
Yeah, I totally have that problem! I think it's product buildup or something like that. I have been told to rinse my hair (after shampoo and conditioner) with the coldest water my body can stand-and rinse it well. Then make sure you are not using any products with alcohol in them--they dry you out BAD!

Aveda is AWESOME! :)
Thank you City P. I think I am also bad because I take HOT showers. Not good for dry skin.

No Alcohol on my head here, just in my body.
Try a hot oil treatment--sometimes the itch and flakes is dry skin on the scalp.
I used the T-gel. OH MY, BUG SPRAY! That is what it so smelled like. I am not sure if i can do that again. :) But my head does feel better.
you don't even know Sunny! I don't know what it is but I too have the flake issue and I don't know what from...my hair is short but thick and wavy and I wash it regularly! What is happening?!?
Let me tell you that using the stinky T-Gel did the trick. Try it. Maybe it is just the cold weather. That is what I am thinking since my skin is driving me crazy too.

Flakes be gone!
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